FX Weekly – 2019 Week 18


Finally after few weeks of lull the markets have moved again. Be wary though as the momentum has just started, and so any reversal trades have to be closely watched.

  • EURUSD ►new lows made, and aggressive longs can be taken into any overshot to the downside, but exit fast as the bottom is impossible to pick
  • GBPUSD ► drifting lower in the absence of catalysts, but no medium term opportunities
  • USDJPY ▲ maintain long bias but be careful of stops this week as it is a week-long JPY holiday - that being said, any liquidity-driven spikes can be traded in the opposite direction (mean reversion)
  • USDCHF ► the move up was anticipated, and aggressive shorts can be placed at 1.03 levels
  • AUDUSD ► good and conservative opportunities not available - await formation of bottom
  • USDCAD ▲ look to buy on a small dip this week, but the RRR is not too good as the pair is in the upper range of the channel
  • NZDUSD ► good and conservative opportunities not available