This site is a collection of my opinions, analysis, and thoughts based on my own research. It aims to give a bit of insight and spur further thought on investments and developments in the financial markets.

The topics of writing will usually be relevant to a local (Singaporean) retail investor (just like me!) - pertaining to personal portfolio and wealth, and focusing on investable assets and opportunities.

Analysis are done in view of what I believe are three key areas – fundamental, behavioural, and technical - depending on how relevant each factor is.

The methods won’t always be conventional. It aims to be objective, but will not always be quantitative or precise. I believe that sometimes a justified estimate without too much detail is good enough because the cost benefit may not warrant an in-depth analysis (law of diminishing returns). Furthermore, some areas of study are essentially underpinned by human behaviour more than hard science, and so digging too much into hard data might not lead to anything more ‘true’.

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